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Bamboo Collection Sunshine Dollhouse by HaPe

Bamboo Collection Sunshine Dollhouse by HaPe
zoom imageBamboo Collection Sunshine Dollhouse by HaPe 

Bamboo Collection Sunshine Dollhouse by HaPe

Bamboo Collection Sunshine Dollhouse by HaPe
Price $599.99

A greener way to live hits home with the limited-edition Bamboo Collection Sunshine Dollhouse by HaPe. Unlike anything before it this dollhouse is designed to get kids thinking about the future in addition to fostering imaginative play. An innovative toy like this can help shape a child`s relationship to the world and its available resources. That`s a priceless gift that will stay with them well into adulthood.This dollhouse presents a valuable opportunity for parents to get involved as well. Us e the design of the dollhouse to introduce your child to some of the real-life efficiencies you`ve employed in your home. (If you`re still waiting to replace those incandescent lights there`s no time like the present!) Who knows? This dollhouse may e ven inspire you to go to greater lengths by planting a garden capturing rainwater and composting. After all it`s your kids` world we`re taking care of. Speaking of taking care the Bamboo Sunshine Dollhouse is crafted from eco-friendly bamboo- a susta inable renewable grass that`s still plenty durable to hold up to the kind of play that kids dish out. The bamboo is treated with a light water-based stain and then polished with beeswax for a natural satiny protective finish. The house boasts adjusta ble fully operational solar panels that capture light energy and relay it to four rechargeable batteries which can be used to power the five LEDs that illuminate three rooms. Even the flooring and bunk beds are made from bamboo allowing the modern lo ok and feel to permeate the entire house. Included with this amazing green dollhouse are a family of five and furniture and accessories for all nine rooms
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