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Blueberry Memory Foam Mattress

Blueberry Memory Foam Mattress
zoom imageBlueberry Memory Foam Mattress 

Blueberry Memory Foam Mattress

Blueberry Memory Foam Mattress
Price $559.99

Every parent wants to make sure their child grows up to be healthy and happy and Boyd`s Visco Kids memory foam beds and pillows are a step in the right direction. Visco Kids mattresses use open cell memory foam to contour to a child`s unique form and reduce stress on pressure points from head to toe. Open cells in the mattress core deflate when the child lies down creating a perfect contour. When the child gets up the foam springs back into place ensuring a restful sleep night after night. Memor y foam allows heavier parts of the body to sink deeper ultimately allowing the body to rest in a more natural position than on a traditional firm mattress.About Boyd`s Visco Kids MattressesBoyd`s Visco Kids mattresses are made with care. Each mattres s is hygienically compressed machine rolled and vacuum-packed meaning that when a parent brings it home it is sterile and is never touched during production. Boyd uses an environmentally friendly manufacturing process aiming to create a consistent an d durable finished product. Shipping is quick - Boyd has regional warehouses around the country - and price points are buyer-friendly
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